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General Informations

The GA.EG #BoMGenX collection of Bento Heads are collections of Bakes On Mesh "Only" Bento Heads.


These Heads are made to be simple but complete, high quality but at low price.

 ! As the #BoMGenX Heads do include only one BoM layer for the face, they are not compatible with the GA.EG Cosmetics Addons (except the LASHES and TEETH Addons).


 ? My GA.EG head does not look like on the product picture. Why?

Please verify that you are wearing the shape included with your Bento Head. It has been made especially for it.

You can however modify it and customize it to your taste.

We recommend you to do a backup copy first.

 ? How could I match my head with my body?

The GA.EG Heads are compatible with many mesh bodies of the SL Market.

To have all the recommendations to get the best match, please refer to this page : Neck Matching Help

 ? Can I keep my body shape?

It is highly recommended to wear the shape included with your Bento Head as it has been optimized especially for it.

However you can modify it and update it with the body settings from your previous shape.

 ! To retrieve the body settings, wear your previous shape and write down the settings of the Body, Torso and Legs tabs. Then, wear the head shape and insert the saved body settings in it.

 ? My tongue is horrible! Why?

Some BoM Skins of the market do not include any tongue and inside mouth!

In order to workaround this problem, you can replace this part of the skin by one of the textures included in your Smart HUD:

  • Go in your Smart HUD

  • Select the MOUTH tab

  • Select one of the skin tones proposed (of course not the BoM one)...

Please refer to this page to get all the information relative to your Smart HUD : #BoMGenX Smart HUD


Please refer to this page to get all the information relative to your Facial AO : #BoMGenX Facial AO

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