Omega System Kit (relay) for GA.EG

Our Mesh Heads are all Omega compatible.

 To be able to apply your favorite Omega Appliers (skin, makeup, tattoo...), you just need the Omega System Kit (OSK) from Omega to allow the communication between the appliers and the head.

You can find the Omega System Kit (relay) for GA.EG in our Main Store, in the Omega Store or on the Marketplace.

Many thanks to "Amberle", she lists all Second Life skin designers brands, especially for GA.EG Heads.

Click here to see "Amberle" Web Site



List of skin & tattoo designers GA.EG Partners / Omega Compatible

Few Recommendations

1. Make sure your skins or tattoos are compatible Omega.

2. You can try Demo Skins & Tattoos Face Omega Appliers on all our mesh head (demo head too).

3. Wear our "GA.EG Relay System Kit OMEGA" to work your Omega Appliers (available in GA.EG Mainstore).

We are not responsible to the quality of the products sold by other creators for support on their products please contact them directly.



Find an exhaustive list of the Omega Appliers creators on the Omega Web Site :